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Bapwatch - Photos of TV female personalities and beautiful girls from around the world. These galleries are all for fun.
This is a daily updated site, with the highest possible quality images, grabbed from UK digital TV
It's just our personal choice of eye candy. It's free, don't complain.
Updated 15 July, 2024
With the lack of much on TV I'm also looking through magazines and press release photos.

Carol Kirkwood

News & Weather Girls

Including Carol Kirkwood, Fiona Phillips, Lorraine Kelly, Penny Smith, Kate Allen, Helen Willetts, Louise Lear
Elizabeth Montgomery


Stills of Elizabeth Montgomery, looking lovely from Bewitched
Carrie Fisher

Star Wars

Mostly still frames of Carrie Fisher in that metal bikini
Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston & Courteney Cox trying to improve the ratings
Felicity Kendal

The Good Life & Good Friends

Shock Horror, it's a Felicity Kendal nipple, Penelope Kieth's cleavage and Jan Francis in a 'wet Laura Ashly frock' contest.
Corrinne Wicks aka DR Norks

Corrinne Wicks aka Dr Norks

From the BBC series 'Doctors' (she must know) & a few of the other Dr. Babes
Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman / Countdown

Gallery of photos of Carol at her best, mostly on Countdown. And a few other birds on Countdown. And now Rachel Riley
Natalie Casey

Funny Girls

Natalie Casey, looking both pretty and mad as a wet hen. (or chick chick chick chick chicken) Sheridan Smith, talented and well buxom.
Jenny Powell

Jenny Powell (& Loose Women)

Mostly her & Kaye Adams, and mostly from Loose Women. This is a daily programme, where 4 woman shout each other down, talking about sex.
Jasmine Harman

Chick Presenters

Eye candy presenters from various shows. Including Jasmine Harman, Amanda Lamb, Ruth England, Jenni Falconer, Nadia Sawalha
Miscellaneous celebs


Just a few of each, for example:
New Images

New Images

Added in the last update
Obscure object of desire

Obscure Objects of Desire

This is an annex to Bapwatch and has some really obscure girls in it.
With these, I'm going out on a limb and back in time. Galleries include:
Isobel Black, Britt Ekland, Jennifer Ehle & Anne Aston
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Susie Amy

We Know and Love Susie as Chardonnay Lane in ITV drama Footballers Wives. In 2010 Susie is in 71 Degrees North attempting Snowy challenges in Norway.

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